Omelette with tomatoes and chai poh 菜脯

Chai poh 菜脯 is salted radish and a staple in teochew porridge.  I had seen a post by Kitchen Tigress on how to many fluffy Chai Poh Omelette (菜脯卵), combining elements of French and Chinese omelettes. Ever since then I have been waiting for an opportunity to try it out.  With only 2 tomatoes and 4 eggs in the fridge, nothing defrosted, and dinner-time looming, my chance came. I didn’t add any milk, preferring a more traditional version. I did her advice to start with high heat, reducing to medium and then low as the omelette cooks.

omelette with tomatos and chai poh

½ handful of chai poh
3 eggs, beaten with pinch of salt and pepper
1 tomato, sliced
2 shallots, chopped finely
1″ ginger, chopped finely
salt/pepper to taste

Serves 2

Rinse chai poh several times in water to remove some of the saltiness. Squeeze dry and remove as much water as possible using paper towels.
Heat up some oil and stir try chai poh to give it a slightly crispy texture, hence you want it as dry as possible. Note that it will never become completely crispy!
After about 30 seconds, add shallots and ginger. Fry till fragrant.
Prepare beaten eggs. Add salt and pepper to taste. Go easy on the salt as chai poh is already salty.
On high heat, add beaten eggs. Swirl eggs around pan evenly. It should form solid whites quickly around the edges. Lower to medium heat after about 5 seconds.
Allow eggs to cook. Spread eggs around if necessary to keep it even.
Flip or fold the omelette, depending on your preference, and cook till done.
Garnish with spring onions.

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Fried bee hoon

3 bushels bee hoon
¼  handful dried shrimp
1 dried scallop
1 cup dried bean curd strips
½  cup green beans, cut into 1″ strips
¼  cup mushrooms, dried or tinned
¼  carrot, julienned
1 tsp garlic, minced
1 spring onion, sliced thinly. Save some for garnish.
1 egg
1 tsp soy sauce
Fried shallots for garnish

1 lap cheong (chinese sausage, sliced)

Serves 3

Soak and drain bee hoon, dried shrimp, scallop and dried bean curd strips.
Fry garlic and spring onions till fragrant. Fry lap cheong.
Add dried bean curd strips and cook till softened.
Add carrots.
Add green beans and mushrooms.
Add soy sauce. Adjust to taste.
Add bee hoon to ingredients and mix well, adding a little water or leftover water from shrimps/scallops it gets too dry.
Crack egg over bee hoon and stir well into it.
Top with shallots and spring onions to garnish.
Serve with chilli.

Kueh Pie Tee

Kueh Pie Tee is a popular nonya appetizer. Crispy shells are filled with a sweet mix of turnip or jicama and variety of vegetables, all thinly sliced or grated, topped with prawns and sambal chilli. Part of the fun in eating it is assembling them with together with family and friends around a table.

Kueh Pie Tee 20131228

Kueh Pie Tee A 20131228

Oyster omelette (O’r Luah)

2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 red chilli, chopped
3 tsp/2 tbsp large oysters, shelled & rinsed
2 tsp/1 tbsp small oysters, shelled & rinsed
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp chinese wine
4 eggs, lightly beaten with 2 tbsp milk
1 tsp sweet potato starch, dissolved in 2 tbsp water
chilli oil
fresh coriander/cilantro leaves, save some for garnish
2 tbsp oil

Oyster sauce

Serves 2

Heat oil in heavy frying pan.
Stir in garlic and chilled till fragrant.
Add large oysters. Cook for 1 minute.
Add soy sauce and chinese wine.

Pour in egg mixture. Push edges occasionally. Tilt pan to let raw eggs run underneath. Continue till eggs are mostly cooked but still moist on top.
Add sweet potato starch mixture over eggs. Let it run across surface and spill slightly over edges.

Reduce heat. Scatter small oysters and coriander over eggs.
Drizzle chilli oil.
Cover pan. Steam for 5 minutes till firm.
Garnish with leftover coriander.

Serve from pan.


“Classic recipes, tastes & traditions of Malaysia & Singapore” – Ghillie Basan and Terry Tan