Sweet corn soup with luncheon meat

I’m on the lookout for quick, savory lunches using whatever is on hand. I don’t usually keep a fully stocked kitchen, so this exercise often ends up with some interesting results. I also wanted something that I could freeze for future lunches. A sort of Smoky Corn Chowder was what I had in mind. I also recently harvested spring leaves from a couple of shallots that I had planted in winter and wanted to use that. Bacon would have been ideal for this soup but I didn’t have any, but I always have luncheon meat.

Whole kernal corn, canned or fresh
1 can cream of chicken
1/3 cup luncheon meat, cubed
Sweet (taiwan or napa) cabbage leaves
1 cup water
Spring onions
Pinch of pepper

Serves 3

Bring all ingredients to a boil, except cabbage and spring onions.
Add cabbage when soup has come to a rolling boil.
When cabbage has softened, snip spring onions into the soup.
sweet corn soup with luncheon meat


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